Foundry Tenants

Foundry Studios occupies the top level of 228 Wickham Street and sits proudly above The Foundry.

It’s a collaborative arts hub, and features 20 studios, all occupied by a diverse mix of artists, creatives and music industry identities.


Habit Music Company

At Habit our vision is to become a world leading music business that champions artists and music that we love. Through our management, public relations and record label divisions we support and grow new artists and aim to achieve extraordinary results on a domestic and global stage.

We are results focused, and pride ourselves on delivering a world-class service. At Habit the artist’s needs always come first and we deliver transparency and honesty at all times. The music industry is always evolving and as such we embrace and drive positive change. We are striving to become a global leader in the music industry whilst making a positive contribution to our community and the world.

Over the last 2 years we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of world class artists and record labels including The Strokes, Middle Kids, Caroline Records, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Bad//Dreems, Good Boy, The Growlers, Big White, Kobalt Label Services, Dine Aline Records, YAK, Grenadiers, The Ocean Party, Morning TV, Clea, Fountaineer, Ben Wright Smith and many more.


ROOM 201
Nick Lynagh, Caitlin Crawley, Jess Davern

Red Stockholm

Red Stockholm is a marketing consultancy specialising in marketing and communication solutions for businesses.


ROOM 202


Jungle Love Festival

Now heading into its third year, the Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival has rapidly gone from the little-DIY-festival-that-could to one of the region’s most vibrant and punter-friendly.

We are proud to announce an epic 53-act line-up, a veritable smorgasbord of the best rising talent the great south east can muster across three jam-packed stages. Acting more as a surreal wonderland than a music festival, every part of Jungle Love has been meticulously pored over to provide a liberating and immersive experience for all attendees.

A luscious campsite nestled under a breezy canopy of trees, surrounded by a freshwater stream (that you can swim in) is the backdrop, and music is the soundtrack. Pulling out an array of impressive one-of-a-kinds; creativity is at the core of every planning stage and Jungle Love 2016 steps it up a notch. Featuring a massive two story treehouse-bar towering above the site in between the two main stages, the top floor will function not only as a brilliant place to take in the serene surroundings but also as a dedicated gold bar, for artists and those who want to embrace the full Jungle Love experience.   

In addition to this brand new bar, we have a few other surprises in store. Whispers have begun of secret micro-venues dotted across the site. Hidden experiences and pleasant surprises are a Jungle Love tradition; stumble across visual art installations and impromptu performances, but those with a keen eye or a little bit of luck might find themselves in secret locations, immersed in weird and wonderful circumstances.

Jungle Love is a 100 per cent inclusive environment. Plus, a festival with ‘Love’ in the name should probably celebrate just that. Right? Hardcore Jungle Lovers can make it official any way they want with an (unofficial) ceremony in the Jungle Love on site chapel The Sanctuary of Seduction. The bikes are also back this year, but with a twist. The festival declares its love for all people (especially the LGBTQ community) by offering up free rainbow coloured bicycles to ride across the site. Pick up a bike, it’s yours. Not using it? Pay it forward to the next gem with tired feet.

To top it all off, this absolute paradise is BYO and culinary options are in abundance with offerings far superior to the typical daggy dagwood dog one might find elsewhere. Not only will your taste buds thank you but your belly will too.  So come celebrate life, celebrate music, celebrate creativity and celebrate friendship. Float in the creek with a beer, discover your new favourite band and meet your new best mates. The Jungle Love community awaits.


ROOM 207
Lincoln Savage
Raymond Williams
Insta: @junglelovefestival
Twitter: @junglelovefest

RSM Accounting//QLD Festivals & Events

I am a rock ‘n’ roll accountant with more than 10 years’ experience in the Australian Music Industry.  I worked for six years at Secret Service / Dew Process as the in-house accountant under the business manager, Brian Quinn, doing all things business for the bands on the Secret Service roster, as well as accounting for the management company and record label.  

Six years ago, I started my own business, RSM Accounting, specialising in tax and accountancy matters for bands and musicians.  This includes but is not limited to show settlements,  income reconciliation, invoice payments and book keeping, as well as handling all tax and compliance matters relating to lodgement with various government agencies.  

If you or your band need a hand with any of the above, I can certainly help you out.

 ROOM 209

RSM Accounting:
Scott Maughan – Principal Tax Agent
Sarah Crook – BAS Agent / Book Keeper
Melissa Botha – Office Manager 
Lexy Schwarting – Junior Accountant

mail to:

Phone: +61 0419 642 216

Josh Jones – 0414 714 701


According to Google there are two meanings behind our company. There is Mucho Bravado (n.) – an independent Brisbane-based music company specialising in artist management, music marketing, public relations and large-scale event promotion. And Mucho Bravado (v.) – to perform a large show of bravery or defiance. Both meanings are relevant.

Our little team consists of fearless leader Ben Preece, lead PR ladies Viv Mellish and Ash Kissane and assistant amigos Kathryn Bermingham, Fiona Priddey and Shaye Milford. We’re all about sharing is caring and that includes our office space which we split with sister company White Label Servicing.


ROOM 212
Instagram: @muchobravado
Twitter: @muchobravado
07 3852 3003

Fans Group

Brisbane’s finest collection of half-decent humans, doing their best to run venues that we would like to drink at.

Staff and roles:
Jesse Barbera: Company Director, Venue Booker, American guy.
Cael Johnston: Venue Booker, Motivational Speaker.
Mackenzie Moor: Bookings & Marketing Admin.

The Sound Pound

The Sound Pound specialises in music copyright services for productions across film, television, advertising, corporate and new media platforms.

The Sound Pound facilitates:
-Music clearance and negotiation with local and international owners of copyright including publishers and record labels.

-One-stop licensing of artists within a broad-ranging catalogue of independent Australian music.

-Specially composed music from a range of composers and studios to suit the needs of a production.


ROOM 219
Tyler McLoughlan
PO Box 1236, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
0458 293 167

All artist enquires, please direct to

Keith Noyes

Building Manager


Keith Noyes




Harriette Pilbeam

The Afternoon

Mens Clothing


Nick Sangster
Kurt Wildermooth

PS Music Group

Artist bookings


Will Watson

Young Henrys

Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer.

Craft Beer


Kris Kempnich

Nick Banner

Foundry Accommodation


Purple Sneakers//Mellum



Emma Jones

Uda Widanapathirana

Richie Daniell

Music stuff
The Grates


Richie Daniell

The Creases

Artist / Events / Graphic Design / DJs


Joe Agius

0432 837 418