The Foundry

A three-level complex dedicated to the thriving local music scene in Brisbane. The venue  boasts a 300 capacity live band room, bar, pool table and generous outdoor areas, as well as private function rooms. Upstairs, the industry works in the Foundry Studios, with leases held by local music businesses, a rehearsal space, recording studio, and an accommodation room for touring artists. On the ground floor Foundry Records services the coffee-drinkers and vinyl-spinners of the Valley, with its casual atmosphere and impressive sound-system.

We are a wheelchair accessible venue.


Production Specs.

Already renowned for its high standards of audio and production, The Foundry has just completed a total overhaul of its sound system and stage. Now boasting a complete d&b Q-Series systems package, Midas M32 digital mixing console, 32 channels to the stage and an expansive microphone kit, The Foundry has positioned itself as the best spec’d touring-level small venue in Brisbane. The 350-capacity live room has received expert acoustic treatment along with matching delay speakers positioned throughout the room ensuring complete and even coverage throughout the venue.

2016 was a busy first year for The Foundry; hosting hundreds of live music nights and sold-out shows. In 2017, we hope to grow and continue to support all genres of music, fostering the growth of the live music scene in Australia.


Mixing Console
1 x Midas M32 console

FOH System
6 x d&b audiotechnik Q1 cabs
6 x d&b audiotechnik Q subs
4 x d&b audiotechnik D12 amps

Delay System
4 x d&b audiotechnik E3
1 x d&b audiotechnik D12 amps

Monitor System
6 x Proel CX 15 monitors
3 x Crown Itech4000 amplifiers

1 x 32/8 Multicore Microphones & Stands
1 x Shure/Sennheiser Mic Kit
1 x Stands package
1 x XLR and drop box package

Lighting Console
1 x Chamsys Miniwing & PC

Molefay x 2

LED Front Wash Bricks x 3

Martin 101 Movers x 4

Unique Hazer x 1

1080p Multimedia Projector x 1
Sony, 2 x VGA inputs (stage & FOH)

DJ Equipment:
DJM850 Mixer x 1 Pioneer
XDJ1000 x 2 Pioneer


Drop anchor.

Accommodation above the venue is available to artists performing for $10 per head, per night.